Quotes from State Dining Room spray:
President Trump on doing the deal in phases: “The more I thought about this the better it is. You can get your arms around it better. I like it better, the way we’ve done it.”
President Trump: “I just want to say this is a great day for both China and the United States, this is an agreement that people have been talking about for 40 years and never were able to get even a piece of paper signed. We never had an agreement. And this is going to be a great agreement for both countries. Its far greater than 200 billion dollars and it will grow greater every year. It also unifies the countries. And president Xi has been so nice as to talk about other things outside of the agreement such as fentanyl, we’re working on that, we’re going to be working very closely together on North Korea, and as I said inside, it’s like a world class chess match or poker match. We’re going to work together, and we’re going to work together for the benefit of our countries. But also very importantly for the benefit of the world. So this is a very big day for the United States and it’s a very big day for China this is a day nobody thought. Could happen and it did happen so it’s my honor to be here. So Mr. Vice Premier I must say it’s a great honor to become your friend.”
Vice Premier, via translator: “Mr President I very much agree with your words. This is an agreement that is good for China, good for the United States and good for the whole world. The agreement is an economic and trade agreement but its implication goes far beyond and economic and trade deal. The world today is full of uncertainties and with this agreement it will be something that is conducive to world peace and prosperity.”
As the pool was being escorted out, the president responded to a shouted question about China.
Trump: “Great relationship, we have a great relationship. I would say the highest the best its every been, both on trade and even on military cooperation. This will lead to so many other things. So we have a great, well-knit relationship, really the best it’s ever been. You have to remember we’ve never had an agreement. It’s been a free for all, this is a great agreement and phase two will start soon but this is far more comprehensive than anyone ever knew about in the press, from intellectual property to currency, so nobody knew that, nobody knew the deal until today when we released it. It’s a bigger deal than people thought. It’s a tremendous step toward an unbelievable relationship, so really it’s the best it’s ever been.”
When will you visit China? “Soon,” Trump replied.

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