The highly anticipated meeting between the Russian President Putin and President Donald Trump is taking place at G20.

Despite the ongoing protests in Hamburg at the G-20 Summit, all eyes turned to the highly anticipated in-person meeting between Trump and Putin.

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There were only 6 people in attendance during the meeting, reportedly against Russian wishes to include more people in the conversation. Supposedly, the Trump administration insisted on keeping the meeting small to ensure an accountability and degree of compactness.

At 4:10 pm  local time, the pool was ushered into the room where President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin sat side by side for their first face-to-face meeting

The two leaders exchanged pleasantries and Trump’s comments, in presence of the press, were mainly positive and implied an optimistic outlook on ongoing discussions between the two countries.

“We look forward to a lot of very positive happening for Russia and for the United States and for everyone concerned”, the American President said.

Putin also expressed a gratitude for meeting in person with President Trump, saying “We spoke over the phone… but phone conversations are never enough definitely.” He also seemed optimistic regarding the productivity of conversations of this demeanor, possibly implying a step forward for diplomatic relations between the two nations. “I hope that as you have said our meetings will yield positive results,” Putin said in front of the media.

Considering the mixed narratives coming from both leaders regarding each others’ countries, any point of collaboration and agreement among the two may be a valuable stepping stone for future development.

Several reporters in the room asked Trump if he would raise Russia’s election meddling. According to our Pooler, he heard but ignored the questions.

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