In Roosevelt Room president Trump made a comment about a possibility of Mueller testifying to Congress. He also talked about Iran and North Korea.

There is NO service in Roosevelt Room but have been trying to send. Here we go: 
POTUS entered at 12:07 to talk about medical billing (more on that in a sec) then went on a tangent about Mueller, North Korea and China. 
On a possibility of Mueller testifying to Congress: I’m going to leave that up to our very great attorney general” and then said the report had been carried out by “angry democrats who hated Donald Trump.” 
He said no one in history had been more transparent than he has been. 
“I could have stopped everything. I gave them 1.5 million documents,” POTUS said. “We’re protecting against crime committed on the other side.” 
He said Mueller was “no friend of mine,” was James Comey’s best friend, and had wanted the FBI director job. 
“Those are tremendous conflicts. And then he put on his staff almost all Democrats … and these were angry Democrats.” 
“To me it looks like a redo” of a special counsel report whose outcome POTUS called “beautiful.” 
“There’s no crime there never was a crime this was a hoax,” POTUS said. “This comes back totally exonerating Donald Trump.”
On Don Jr. testifying: “The Mueller report came out, that’s the Bible,” adding that it said Jr. did nothing wrong. He called Jr. a good person – “the last thing he wants is Washington DC.” He didn’t say whether Jr. should fight the supoena
On IRAN: “We have information that you don’t want to know about. 
On military confrontation possibility: “I guess you could say that always … what Id like to see with Iran I’d like Iran to call me.” He said John Kerry told Iran not call him, violated the Logan Act and should be prosecuted.
“We’re looking at it very seriously right now,” POTUS said of North Korea projectile launch. “Nobody’s happy about it.” 
POTUS said the relationship continues but then said “I don’t think they’re ready to negotiate.” 
On negotiations with China
“I think it’ll be a very strong day frankly,” he said of ongoing trade negotiations. “It was their idea to come back.” 
He said President Xi wrote him a “beautiful letter” and touted the reopening of a plant that will make electric trucks.  
Bolton/Venezuela (re: reports that he doesn’t like administration’s efforts to oust Maduro: 
“John’s very good. He has strong views on things which is ok. I’m the one who tempers him which is ok. I have John Bolton and I have people who are a little more dovish than him.”

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