POTUS made comments about his new sanctuary cities policy.

POTUS was asked about his new sanctuary cities policy.

“The people that are putting sanctuary cities where they’re not even wanted… they always seem to have open arms. … Rather than moving the illegal immigrants to other parts of the country, first of all, we’re getting them and we’re doing the best we can with very bad laws, we have to change the laws, but we’re apprehending thousands and thousands of people a day and the law only allows us to hold them as you know for 20 days. Because of the most ridiculous laws probably we have in this country.”
“We have horrible, old-fashioned laws.”
“The asylum laws are absolutely insane. They come up, in many cases they’re rough gang members, in many cases, you have people with tremendous crime records, and they’re given a statement to read by lawyers that stand there waiting for them, ‘read this statement.’ And it says ‘I have great fear for my life, I have great fear for being in my country,’ even though in some cases some of these people are holding their country’s flags, and waving their country’s flags, and talking about the fear they have of being in the country that the way they were waving freely. So we are looking at the possibility, strongly looking at it, to be honest with you. California, the governor wants to have a lot of people coming in, refugees coming in, a lot of sanctuary cities, so we’ll give them to the sanctuary cities maybe to take care of if that’s the way they want because we can only hold them under the current law for 20 days.”
A second question was also about his tweeted policy.

“We could fix that in so fast if the Democrats would agree. But if they don’t agree we might as well do what they always say they want. We’ll bring the illegal [unintelligible], the illegals, I call them the illegals, that came across the border illegally, we’ll bring them to sanctuary city areas and let that particular area take care of it, whether it’s a state or whatever it might be. California certainly is always saying ‘oh, we want more people.’ And they want more people in their sanctuary cities, well we’ll give them more people. We can give them a lot, we can give them an unlimited supply. And let’s see if they’re so happy. They say ‘we have open arms,’ they’re always saying they have open arms. Let’s see if they have open arms. The alternative is to change the laws, and we can do it very, very quickly, very easily.”
Question about troops on the border. 
“We’re going to put more troops on the border.”
“The job that ICE and really border patrol does is an incredible job. … the statistics are that crime is way down in our country the last year.”
“We are giving very strong consideration to having people after a 20-day period… we will move them into sanctuary cities.”

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