Trump is running for President again. All eyes were on Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday night, where Trump gathered supporters to announce his 2024 presidential run. The former President appeared at the podium in good spirits, accompanied by his wife, Melania Trump, moments after officially filing the papers for his candidacy.

Trump opened his announcement by congratulating his movement. “America’s comeback starts right now,” said Trump. “Your country is being destroyed before your eyes.”

He reflected on the moment he left office as the time when “everybody was doing great” and “thriving like never before.” Trump said he built the most robust US economy and touted his foreign policy accomplishments from “China virus” to “Islamic terrorism” to North Korea. Speaking of President Biden, he called him a “warmonger” and accused him of turning America into a “nation in decline.”

 Trump characterized Joe Biden as the “face of left-wing failure and government corruption” and referred to his opponent’s presidency as the period of American history of “despair.” Moving quickly to the war in Ukraine, he said that it “should have never happened” and that even Democrats agree with him.
Trump repetedly hit out at Biden by saying he is the President who sleeps at the global conferences and the one the UK Parliament holds in contempt over the war in Afghanistan.

Trump said to the rapturous applause that soon, America will be a great nation again. “Decline of America,” he said, was imposed on Americans by Biden and the Democrats. He invited Americans to”embrace our platform of national greatness and glory.”

Trump said he was “ready” to run the campaign and that his midterm election endorsement produced 232 wins and “only” 22 losses. “You don’t hear that from the media,” said Trump promising that he won’t call the press “fake news” tonight. “We are going to keep it very elegant,” he pledged at Mar-a-Lago.

After calling out Biden for the remainder of his hour-long speech, Trump said he was announcing his candidacy for the President of the United States. “We are in this together,” proclaimed Trump adding it is now the job of the whole Republican movement to come together. “You can’t stay quiet any longer,” Trump called for his supporters to rally around him. “This will not be my campaign. This will be our campaign,” said Trump.

The former President promised to fight hard “as no one fought before” from today to Election Day.

Following the Trump’s announcement, Ivanka Trump shared with ABC that while she loves her father “very much,” she won’t be involved in the campaign. “I do not plant to be involved in politics” she said.

At G20 during mangrove planting with world leaders, Biden was asked if he had a reaction to Trump announcing a run in 2024. Biden looked at Macron briefly and shared the faintest of smirks. 

“Not really,” responded Biden.

Macron stayed silent and did not respond to a question about his reaction to the announcement that Trump is running again.


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