The pool was escorted into the cabinet room at In 11:48 am.

The pool was escorted into the cabinet room at In 11:48 am. Rick Perry opened the meeting with a prayer in which he said everyone in the room was there because they have been “ordained” to be there.POTUS praises Perry and says he has done a good job. “You were a great governor of Texas, and you were a great secretary of energy.” 

Other POTUS remarks:
—Border: Talks about Mexican soldiers on the border. Loopholes could be fixed if Democrats would act. “There have been tremendous changes made on that border.” We want them to come up and be part of the country, but they have to do it through a legal process.
—Economy: Cites African-American employment numbers. Says overall stock market is “through the roof.” Have lots of good things happening, but have to get USMCA approved. Says Pelosi can’t get it off her desk. “I think the woman is incompetent … the woman is grossly incompetent. All she wants to do is focus on impeachment.” Says she’s using USMCA to get the impeachment votes.
—Impeachment: “Republicans are absolutely killing it. Because it’s a big scam.”
—Physical: Complains about press speculation he had a heart attack. Says his physical was “very routine” and it’s the media that is “sick.”
More to come 

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