The presidential motorcade traveled from one Madrid palace to another, winding its way through pretty streets before arriving at a courtyard of the opulent royal palace at 5:55 pm.

Biden was met at the Palacio Real de Madrid by His Majesty King Felipe VI.
King Felipe and President Biden entered at 6:01 pm and shook hands with each nation’s delegation.

The King then offered warm remarks about the ties between the two countries and fondly mentioned his longtime relationship with Biden.

He stressed that the two “had the opportunity actually to meet on previous occasions, in our previous capacities as well.”


King Felipe said that the NATO Summit is “especially relevant” as the members “must continue to show unity and determination to defend our freedom and our democratic values.”

As he took the floor, President Biden immediately evoked a saying from a small town in Delaware about overstaying welcome and joked that he might not return to the US because his time in Madrid had been so pleasant.

“There’s an old expression in a little town in Delaware called Claymont, Delaware, a little steel town. And they say, ‘We’re like poor relatives. We show up when we’re invited and we stay longer than we should. So, be careful. We may not go back,” beamed Biden.

Biden raved about the impressive palace and then touched on his goals for the NATO Summit.

“This is an inflection point in American, in world history. Things are changing. They’re changing drastically,” said Biden ahead of the NATO Summit

The motorcade departed the Royal Palace at 6:40 pm.

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