Nevena and Andrew Bridgen

Nevena Bridgen, the wife of Conservative Andrew Bridgen MP, espoused her disappointment in Prime Minster Boris Johnson in her latest column for Wives of Westminster.

Outspoken opera singer, political spouse, and mother of a three-year-old said in her column that Johnson is “undermining the foundations of the British democracy” by not vacating No.10 immediately after his resignation speech.

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Nevena Bridgen

Bridgen recalled growing up in a dictatorship under Slobodan Milosevic “where the leader did not want to step down and did not comply with the people’s will for him to relinquish power.”

She said Johnson is “acting as if he was elected President, whereas, in reality, the UK does not have a presidency.”

Reflecting on the Prime Minster, Nevena Bridgen shared that Boris Johnson is a “charismatic politician” who “makes you believe in his lies.” She shared that Johnson called her husband numerous times on the phone when he needed his endorsement but that the Prime Minister failed the country and those who believed in him.

Nevena Bridgen, Wives of Westminster
Wives of Westminster

Tory wife touches on leadership contest criticizing those who ” defended the indefensible” and enabled Johnson’s “failure of moral leadership.”

Commenting on the culture Johnson brought into No 10 Bridgen said openly she does not want for herself “and any parent to be in a position to explain to their children why the holder of the highest office in the nation can keep telling lies and stay in power,” writes Nevena Bridgen in a candid column.

“As a wife of a politician and a first-generation immigrant, I want to see the next Prime Minister of the UK making democracy work. I want to see a leader who won’t tell lies on a loop. I want to see a leader who inspires the world, acts in the nation’s interest, and does not operate like Cosa Nostra.”

Read the full column in Wives of Westminster: Boris Johnson Sold Us Lies As Truth


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