Today, the Trump Administration released a set of principles to modernize the Higher Education Act.

Statement from the Press Secretary:

Today, President Donald J. Trump and his Administration released a set of principles to modernize the Higher Education Act. The principles unveiled this afternoon at a meeting of the National Council for the American Worker, set forth concrete legislative actions that, if enacted into law, would provide more Americans access to affordable and quality education, improve institutional accountability, and help students and families make informed decisions regarding their educational options.  
Now, because our economy is strong and technological advancement is increasing at rapid speed, postsecondary education is more critical than ever before to individuals’ economic success. More Americans must be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow, and individuals returning to the classroom after years in the workforce need access to flexible, accelerated learning opportunities so they can support their family while securing the skills needed to excel. Unfortunately, many colleges and universities have not been providing Americans the education they need to succeed in a cost-effective manner. Remarkably, student loan debt exceeds what Americans owe in credit card debt, auto loans, or home equity loans. Members of Congress who are committed to ensuring Americans thrive in today’s strong, modern, and growing economy should support and pass these reforms.

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