UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces the possibility of a vote of no confidence by the members of his party. 

So far, 18 Conservative Members of Parliament have publicly submitted letters of no-confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

MP John Stevenson handed in the latest letter, publicly, but there are more which were filed privately.

To trigger a vote of no-confidence in PM Boris Johnson, 54 letters must be filed at the 1922 Committee, a committee of all backbench Conservative MPs that meets weekly when the House Commons is sitting.  Sir Graham Brady who chairs the the 1922 Committee will not announce if enough letters have been submitted until after the Jubilee weekend.

Boris Johnson could be facing a no-confidence vote sooner rather than later. 

Considering an ongoing police investigation into Keir Starmer, the UK may end up in a place where both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the opposition lose their jobs. Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner have both said that if they get issued with fixed penalty notices for that curry and beer gathering while they were campaigning in Durham, they will resign.

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