Good morning from the White House on this dreary and quiet St. Patrick’s Day in Washington. The coronavirus briefing is slated for 11:30 AM.

Once again, reporters and White House staff had their temperatures taken before passing through the Northwest gate today and we’re trying our best to adhere to social distancing recommendations by spacing out seats in the briefing room.
Please note an updated 11:30am timing for the Coronavirus Task Force press briefing. 
The president does not have any open events on his schedule (copied below) but I’ll keep you posted on any and all changes…
9:30AM: THE PRESIDENT participates in a phone call with Restaurant Executives on COVID-19 Response
Oval Office
Closed Press
2:00PM: THE PRESIDENT meets with Tourism Industry Executives on COVID-19 Response
Cabinet Room
Closed Press
3:30PM: THE PRESIDENT participates in a phone call with Supply Retailers and Wholesalers on COVID-19 Response
Oval Office

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