In response to reports of Russia’s suspension of the New START treaty, Ned Price, the spokesperson for the US State Department, confirmed that there had been an exchange of a diplomatic note between Russia and the United States. However, he noted that the content of the note did not reveal anything new beyond what had already been made public by Moscow.

Price emphasized that Russia’s unilateral suspension of the treaty was “irresponsible” and that engaging in arms control and other tools of strategic stability is essential for nuclear powers. He also expressed concern that Russia’s willingness to use irresponsible nuclear rhetoric and promote instability endangers every nation on the planet.

Despite Russia’s suspension of the treaty, Price stated that the United States will continue to support Ukraine and maintain compliance with New START’s numerical limits.

“We continue to urge Moscow to resume full compliance with the treaty.  Even as we explore our next steps, we are demonstrating that responsible leadership that we think ought to be replicated in Moscow,” said Price.

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