LONDON—The Scottish National Party (SNP) has denied facing any financial issues despite reports from the party’s treasurer of “difficulties” balancing their books in a Sunday newspaper. However, the SNP has stated that their finances are currently in balance.

Police Scotland has been investigating the SNP’s finances for the past two years, with former chief executive Peter Murrell recently arrested and subsequently released without charge.

In a video, believed to be from March 2021, Nicola Sturgeon, former first minister and current party member, addressed the SNP’s ruling body, stating that the party’s finances were “never in a stronger financial position.” She added, “Be very careful about suggesting there are problems with the party’s finances,” and that “We depend on donors to donate.”

Sturgeon assured the public that there is no reason for concern over the SNP’s finances. Nonetheless, as reported by The Sunday Times, the SNP treasurer mentioned during a meeting yesterday that the party was struggling to balance their books due to a decline in both party membership and donors.

“We need to find money to keep the party going forward,” said the treasurer. The SNP clarified that the comments were taken out of context, and that the party’s finances were, in fact, in good health.


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