North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, a billionaire and prominent Republican figure, has joined the crowded field of candidates vying for the party’s presidential nomination. In a captivating video released as a prelude to his campaign, Burgum highlights the pressing need for fresh American leadership to effectively tackle the ever-changing economic landscape.

In the video, Burgum asserts, “Anger, yelling, infighting… That’s not going to cut it anymore” in America. “Let’s get things done,” he affirm.

Burgum places great importance on fostering a culture of respectful dialogue and constructive discussions, both in North Dakota and across the nation, as the key to real progress.


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In the video, viewers are treated to glimpses of Doug Burgum’s life story, showcasing his humble beginnings in Arthur, a small town in North Dakota. The narration describes Arthur as a place where the term “woke” referred to rising early in the morning to begin the day’s work.

The video also touches upon a deeply personal moment in Burgum’s life when he experienced the profound loss of his father at the tender age of 14. It recounts how Burgum received the devastating news while traveling with his high school basketball team, as he was unexpectedly pulled off the team bus.

The North Dakota Governor is scheduled to make his official presidential campaign announcement on Wednesday in Fargo, North Dakota

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