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Here is the proven and the most effective way to practice positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are those thoughts and statement that describe what you want to become, achieve, or attract into your life. They are like invocations of desired outcomes. Some of them you have probably already  heard of:

       I am free to be my authentic self

       I am open to giving and receiving love

       I love and approve of myself and I accept myself for who I am

       Money comes easily to me and I live in abundance

By focusing on principles such as love, courage, abundance, acceptance etc., positive affirmations will help you activate and raise the vibration of positive energy in your mind and body.

It is often said that what you believe becomes your truth. By consciously choosing positive words, you will facilitate a creation of whatever is your desire. By repeating positive affirmations, you will signal your mind to focus on those words and to interpret them as irrefutable truths.

How to practice positive affirmations?

One of my favorite techniques for invoking the power of affirmation is so called “Mirror work” I first came across with Louise Hay. All you have to do is to place yourself in front of a mirror and choose one affirmation that you will be repeating for 28 days. Make sure the affirmation is positive, stating the desired outcome rather than the one which is formulated to resist the existing situation. For example, instead of affirming: I don’t want to be sad, state: I am happy. I am joyful. I am blissful.

  • Set a certain time of the day when you know you will have access to the mirror and that you can spend with yourself. Usually, I do it before I take my evening shower or just upon waking up while my mind is still quiet from the night’s good rest. I advise you to do the same. Once you are in front of the mirror, you are ready to start your practice by following these proven steps.
  •       Be clear about what you want. Don’t wish for opposing or contradicting things. Be specific, but don’t go into details, rather be emotionally specific – how you want to feel.
  •       First look into one eye and repeat an affirmation of your choice for at least three times. Try to feel the words. Change them if necessary until they resonate with you. You can say the words out loud or not. If it feels distracting to say them out loud, continue to say them silently to yourself.
  •       Then look into another eye and repeat the same affirmation for the same number of times. Don’t worry if you lose count of a number of times you repeated the affirmation. It is perfectly fine; the only importance is that you do it.

Say these affirmations for several days and you will already be amazed by the magic they will create. Since it takes 28 days to create a habit, there is no room for skipping days. It is important that you complete all 28 days.

One of the crucial steps in learning to apply the power of positive affirmations is to become mindful of your own thoughts and words. Once you start hearing yourself and achieve that level of awareness it will be possible for you to catch all the negative statements that play out in the background of your mind. A practice that I have just shared with you will clear up the path for positive things to manifest in your life.

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