OpEds and Commentary curated by the newsroom of The Pavlovic Today.

  • Owen Jones (Guardian): If you care about Johnson’s dishonesty, don’t let Keir Starmer off the hook.
  • The Guardian view on the EU’s oil embargo: ramping up the cost of Putin’s war.
  • Diane Abbott (Guardian): The truth is out: Britain’s immigration system is racist, and always has been. Now let’s fix it
  • William Hague (Times): US must make clear it would fight for Taiwan.
  • Nigel Farage (Telegraph): We owe the Metric Martyrs a formal pardon.
  • Sean O’Grady (Independent): It’s a terrible time to be a Tory MP.
  • Keir Starmer (Telegraph): Britain is a better country thanks to the Queen.
  • The FT view: An opportunity for China to improve ties with foreign investors.
  • The Times view on arming Ukraine: Weapons For Victory.
  • Darren Lewis (Mirror): It’s no surprise that low pay workers were treated with disrespect at Downing Street.

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