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The 2018 European Shooting Stars – Celebrating Diversity and Talent

2018 European Shooting Stars

Diversity is a reality, not an empty promise at The 2018 European Shooting Stars Award for the 68th Berlinale, taking place February 15th to the 25th.

The 21st edition of the European Shooting Stars, this award brings together the most talented emerging actors from across Europe. The award focuses not solely on success and accomplishment, but rather, potential.

The members of the 2018 jury are: former Shooting Star Eduardo Noriega from Spain, director Mijke de Jong from The Netherlands, casting director and ICDN member Nicole Schmied from Austria, Croatian producer Ankica Juric Tilic and Norwegian film critic and Arts Editor Mode Steinkjer.

These up-and-coming actors are presented to the film industry and international press during the Berlin International Film Festival. Not only will they get an opportunity to meet some of the world’s greatest producers and directors, surely opening windows for development for their careers, but they will also be honours with European Shooting Stars award, donated by Leysen1855.

Of the array of very talented actors up for this incredible honour, is the Italian Matilda De Angelis, a mere 22 years of age, most known for her leading role in the film ‘Italian Race’, for which she also gained several other nominations.

The 2018 European Shooting Stars winners also include some more experienced actors, including Franz Rogowoski, of Germany, whose most recent starring role will be screened in the Official Competition of the Berlin International Film Festival.

The European Shooting Stars is the oldest Europe-wide award intended to honour and give heed to emerging actors. It was first awarded in 1998, and since, over 293 young actors have received the honour. For many, this award is what spearheads their success on the international film scene.


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Sayeh Yousefi

Sayeh Yousefi is the Editor of Naked Opinion section of The Pavlovic Today. She is a Loran Scholar 2016, Yale Young Global Scholar 2015, and passionate human rights advocate. She's currently studying at the Munk School of Global Affairs, at the University of Toronto. Throughout her life, she's had the privilege of living in many different countries, including Iran, the UAE, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Exposure to such diversity, and witnessing injustices, whether it be on the news or in person, has fuelled her passion to help improve conditions for victims of human rights violations. Sayeh hopes to be able to encourage youth to become more involved in global affairs and become more engaged in issues of human rights and social justice. Sayeh believes this can best be done through the digital world of writing.


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