White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre criticized House Speaker McCarthy’s proposal, stating that he “sided with the extreme MAGA wing of his conference and released a blueprint to devastate hard-working American families.”

Jean-Pierre also said that “MAGA House Republicans are holding the American economy hostage,” adding that House Republicans do not have the best interest of Americans whose income depends on making ends meet.

“Every House Republican who votes for this bill is voting to cut education, veterans medical care, cancer research, meals on wheels, food safety, and law enforcement,” she stated.

Jean-Pierre compared the GOP agenda to President Biden’s Budget, which “invests in America, lowers costs for hardworking families, and cuts the deficit by asking the super-wealthy and largest corporations to pay their fair share.”

The White House believes that Biden’s economic vision is what the American people support. Jean-Pierre urged House Republicans to “avoid default” and “stop playing economic brinkmanship with the American people’s livelihoods and retirements.”

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