The question is, what would Labour be doing differently? I know you’re talking today as Shadow Culture Secretary about this three point plan to ease the broadband bombshell. But frankly, I’m not sure broadband costs are the biggest worry for most families right now just trying to heat their homes and put food on the table.

Lucy Powell MP: The reason that we’re talking about broadband is yes, because of the cost of living crisis. And it is an issue, you know, people cannot afford their connection, their telecommunications, telephones, broadband and so on, which are absolutely critical to living your life and working in many cases for people, it’s a sort of fourth utility. It’s not just an issue about the cost of living, though, it’s also about how you grow the economy. And this is where we take a fundamentally different view from from the ideology that the Conservatives are now pursuing.

We don’t believe that by giving tax breaks to a few at the top, and to big corporate businesses that somehow that will trickle down to everybody else.

What we believe is that you’ve got to raise productivity, that’s been the real issue in this country for the last 10-15 years, that we’ve got low levels of productivity.

How do you do that? You make sure you’ve got the infrastructure, including the digital infrastructure, like broadband, like trains that run on time, you’ve got all that infrastructure there, you’ve got people with the skills that mean they can, they can work more productively. So you’ve got to invest in people, and you’ve got to invest in places and communities that have not benefited from that growth in the past and, and that kind of whole devolution agenda as well. That’s how you grow the economy, and you grow it in a way that works for everybody. And everybody shares the benefits of that, it’s a very different approach. And broadband is actually an our digital infrastructure now that we’re entering this digital age is absolutely critical to that. So that’s why the plans I’m setting out today are not just about easing the cost of living, but they’re also about growing the economy’. [talkRADIO]


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