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Larry Kudlow stopped briefly in the driveway to take questions after a television interview

It is a beautiful morning. It is also Tuesday. I am your in-town print pooler.  
Larry Kudlow stopped briefly in the driveway to take questions after a television interview. The director of the Economic Council was asked what the administration planned to do as the country re-opened to help lower-income Americans specifically.  
Kudlow noted that before the crisis low and middle-income individuals were experiencing wage increases, and he suggested that sticking to those “growth incentive” principles would revive the economy post-COVID. 
“We want to help people reinvest in the economy, and then we have offered a payroll tax holiday, so that you can come back to work, those folks will get a higher after-tax wage of 7.6% higher,” he said before noting that bringing companies and supply back, “on-shoring” would be “a job gainer.”  
He declined to offer specifics about President Trump’s threat to permanently cut funding to the World Health Organization other than to reference the “very tough letter” that the White House sent last night.  
Kudlow apologized and paused at a light point to retrieve a hanky. “Excuse me, my nose is running. Allergies,” he explained. “I’m getting killed out here,” he joked. Your pooler more than sympathizes.   
The president will deliver remarks “on supporting our nation’s farmers, ranchers, and food supply chain” at 11:00 am The president will hold a cabinet meeting at 3:00 pm. If anything changes, I’ll let you know. The pool is now taking a COVID-19 test in lower press. 

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