Vice President Harris and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg spoke on the situation in Ukraine before the start of their bilateral meeting in Munich.

Kamala Harris shared her concern about the problem with Russia. She said that the US remains “supportive of diplomacy as it relates to the dialogue and discussions we’ve had with Russia.” Still, at the same time, the Biden administration is ” committed to taking corrective actions to ensure there will be severe consequences in terms of the sanctions” against Russia. 

Stoltenberg responded to Kamala Harris by saying he is “extremely grateful” for VP’s “personal commitment to our alliance.”  He referred to NATO “the cornerstone” for European and transatlantic security and spoke about the professionalism of the US troops in Romania he had an opportunity to visit on Friday. 

“North America and Europe are doing more together now than I’ve done for many years,” he said.”That’s important to deal with the aggressive actions of Russia,” Stoltenberg added, ” but also to address a more competitive world, the security consequences of the rise of China. And we have to stand together in North America and Europe,” concluded Stoltenberg.

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