In a bid to ascend to the role of House Speaker, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise is making a heartfelt plea to his colleagues, reminding them of a pivotal moment that left him seriously wounded but also underscored the sense of unity he believes exists within the Republican Party.

In a letter addressed to his fellow lawmakers, Scalise shared a deeply personal story about an event that profoundly impacted his life.

Letter Rep Scalise wrote to colleagues

“When I was shot in 2017, it was members of this conference who saved my life on that field,” Scalise reflected, referring to the horrifying incident in which he was shot by a gunman during a practice session for the annual charity baseball game played by congressional Republicans. The shooting subjected him to a grueling recovery process that spanned months.

In his pitch for the speakership, Scalise emphasized his love for the country and his unwavering belief that the Republican Party can come together to address the substantial challenges facing the nation. “As I face new challenges,” he stated, “I feel even more strongly about that today.”

Who is Steve Scalise?

Steve Scalise’s political journey has seen him rise to prominence since his election to Congress in 2008. As House Majority Leader, he plays a critical role in overseeing the House floor and scheduling legislation for votes. Prior to that, Scalise served as House GOP Whip, a position that involved vote counting and ensuring support for key party priorities. However, his support for objections to the electoral college results during the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential win on January 6, 2021, stirred controversy and criticism.

In August, Scalise revealed that he had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a treatable blood cancer. He shared an optimistic update in September, noting that his cancer had responded well to treatment and had “dropped dramatically.”

Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan are set to convene a candidate forum on Tuesday.


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