FLEET STREET: The Pavlovic Today takes a look at Thursday’s front pages in the UK. 

On the cover of The Daily Telegraph: “Diana probe to find BBC’s Bashir guilty of deceit”

The Daily Telegraph

FT leads with the story: “Bitcoin tumbles 30% after China cracks down on cryptocurrency” 

“In defense of meritocracy”, on the cover of New Statesman 

New Statesman 

The Daily Mail wants to know “What your cleaner really thinks of you?”

Daily Mail “Red list travel queue chaos at Heathrow” on the cover of

cover of i Freedom’ plan may be diluted after sharp rise in Covid  on the cover of Guardian 

Guardian The Spectator leads with the story: “TickTok intifada”

Spectator Metro headlines with baby joy for Princess Beatrice : “I’m going to be a mom”

Metro“Disgraceful!”, says Daily Express about SAS heroes facing trial 40 years after serving in Northern Ireland. 

Daily Express


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