Whether or not you believe in the notion of ‘destiny’, life’s tougher times are easier to get through if we believe that there’s a higher purpose to it all.

Whether or not you believe in the notion of ‘destiny’, life’s tougher times are easier to get through if we believe that there’s a higher purpose to it all.

We spend our entire lives questioning whether we are fulfilling our destiny, following in accordance to some unbeknown pre-existing path that determines our lives.

“The golden carriage doesn’t pass through our life everyday. You either hop on it, or you don’t“ she says as spontaneously as though we were talking about the weather. You should use the chances you get, darling. God knows where your destiny will take you.“

“God knows where my destiny will take me.” That definitely was not the first time I’d heard this sentence, but this time something was different. I could almost see it floating in the air, waiting for me to feel the weight and lightness it carried simultaneously.

Do you believe in destiny?

Destiny. Destino. Destin. Destination. What if every little choice we thought we made is nothing but a part of pre- determined algorithm that takes us to our own little place on this world?

On the other hand, if it is all our own piece of artwork, how could you explain those unexpected turn-overs that come from the middle of nowhere and strike as a lightning in a the midst starry sky?

If it truly exists, would it lead us to what is intended or what is the best for us? Is it determined on our birth or do we create it daily, with our thoughts, actions, and choices?

If destiny is comprised of invisible signs, speeding up our heartbeat when we head closer to our path, do we become unhappy when we’re going away from it? Are we suffering because of resistance to our destiny?

Should we leave the breaks free on this rollercoaster ride? Is destiny trusty enough to dedicate our lifelong time to the road to that unknown destination?

It is so noisy. Thoughts created by memories and predictions are colliding and crossing and flying faster than the speed of light. I almost feel others can hear them shouting and bursting out even though I’m not saying a word.

I close my eyes. I feel the summer breeze on my cheek. The sunlight finds a way to my eyelids as if it’s calling me to open my eyes and see the sea and its blue depths, standing there for centuries, milleniums, witnessing love and wars, fights for both wrong and right, and yet remaining so calm, after all this time, almost saying out loud in a peaceful confident tone that it’s all going according to the plan.

I look at the sun glance on top and I see the elegance. That elegant power of water, exceeding any barrier without resistance. I keep looking at the reflection and I see beauty. In everything that has been, that is, and everything that is yet to come.

Jovana is a Yale Young Global Scholar 2016 and senior student at Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj grammar school from Novi Sad, Serbia. She finds environment and ecological solutions very important and has worked...

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