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Last week, low temperatures destroyed 85% of middle Europe’s fruits harvest for 2016

Climate Change is real. Last week in Europe, the temperatures fell from 18 degrees celsius down to 0  in three days.  You might say that is nothing compared to the hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, and hail storms of the last decade. Yet, low temperatures destroyed 85% of middle Europe’s fruits harvest for 2016.

Climate change for a long time was a rumor. Scientists used to say that humans caused the change of the weather rhythm but there were so many studies that proved that everything was alright and truly natural.

Then, the  El niño effect grew from a tiny niño to a grown up weather phenomenon.

The hurricanes destroyed more property than ever. Some blame the destruction on badly constructed property and they add that there has always been destruction by nature.  But there simply are more journalists broadcasting about the same phenomenon now.Every year you see an interview with someone who has lost a house or survived a natural catastrophe.

On the other hand, Hurricane Katrina was a weather phenomenon everyone remembers.  For the affected people it did not matter if humans caused it or if nature did it.

But to know its cause is important for future catastrophes in order to stop the effect, to lower the effect or to forecast it before it happens.

What is it worth to you to stop this climate change?

So let us think for one moment that climate change is really caused by us, and that these extreme natural catastrophes could be stopped or at least lowered by our daily behavior.

What is it worth to you to stop this climate change? What could only one person like you change, anyway? Would you start to follow the new ecological rules, like to shorten the water usage with a less time in a shower, to recycle not only paper but also to stop using plastic bags? Would you sell your car for climate change? Would you change your current  job because you can’t reach it with public means of transport? Would you move in another area to reach the job per foot or bicycle? Would you start collecting trash from riversides and parks to keep it clean? Would you stop using products with palm oil and soya in it as its production reduces the rainforest? Would you start cooking lessons to stop using convenience food products as there is more undeclared sugar and chemicals in it than you might think? Would you lower your heating in your home for a few degrees in winter time? Would you sell your air conditioner as it is just a luxury item? Would you change your holiday plans for local area holidays instead of taking airplanes?

Let’s see it from the economical side: To stop using cars, air conditioners, airplanes etc.  would save money.

The governments try to regulate car production. California for example made a law with the lowest CO2 tolerance in order to push Tesla car production . Well, this was the reason some managers in the Volkswagen group tried to manipulate their cars so that they could still sell their products.

In Europe you get money back from the state if you buy an electric car. But no one mentions that the production of an electric car and its batteries is really bad for environment. The better solution would be to encourage car sharing with a Volkswagen even though there was a scandal of its emissions.

But why am I writing like a Greenpeace activist today?

Last week the temperatures felt from 18 degrees down to 0 for more than three days. That is nothing you might say remembering the hurricanes, cyclones, Earthquakes, typhoons, Tsunamis and storms  of the last decade.

Well you might be right, but these three days of a lower temperature destroyed 85% of middle europe’s fruits harvest 2016.

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