At the first Europan Political Community meeting in Prague, the European leaders discussed how they could respond to the global energy crisis.

While energy blackouts Liz Truss said during the Leadership Contents would not affect Britain, the reality is slightly different. The warning of blackouts came today from the National Grid.

“Some customers could be without power for pre-defined periods during a day – generally this is assumed to be for 3-hour blocks,” National Grid stated in their Winter Outlook Report

Talking to ITV on Thursday, Truss said that the UK is in a much better position than other countries. Still, she did not jump at an opportunity to guarantee that gas shortage won’t result in rolling power cuts across Britain this winter. 

“Of course, there’s always more weakened it was up that’s why I am your working with our partners, making sure we do have a secure energy supply into the future,” Truss said without making the same guarantee she did in the past. 

“We do have good energy supplies in the UK, we can get through the winter,” Truss went on to explain that she will work with world leaders to secure “as much supply as possible.”

While the European continent is looking at dire energy predictions this winter, on the other side of the Atlantic, Biden raised the alarm on Thursday of a nuclear Armageddon. Putin is “not joking,” according to the President. 

The future does not look bright.

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