On Saturday morning, President Biden’s doctor O’Connor issued another health update.

According to Dr. O’Connor, Biden has completed the second day of Paxlovid, and his symptoms “continue to improve.”

Karine Jean-Pierre said that “early use of Paxlovid provides additional protection against severe disease.”

President Biden’s message to American people is ” to get vaccinated because, in his own words, it matters.”

President Biden responds well to the treatment, although his voice “remains deep.”

The President is fully vaccinated and twice-boosted thus the anticipation is that he will respond favorably.


President Biden Is Taking Paxlovid For COVID

Biden’s doctor Kevin O’Connor issued the first medical update today noting the President is experiencing “mild symptoms” and “fatigue” from COVID and is taking Paxlovid. The White House announced this morning that Biden tested positive for COVID. The President’s last previous test for COVID was Tuesday, when he had a negative test result. “Out of…

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