The travel pool has been swept and is holding in a van near POTUS’ private residence for the motorcade to depart to the base. Per the WH guidance, we are flying to NYC for a private memorial service for Ambassador Donald Blinken, Father of Secretary of State Antony Blinken, which is closed to press, and then heading back to Washington. 


8:00 AM President Biden receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

9:05 AM President Biden departs New Castle, Delaware en route New York, New York 

9:50 AM President Biden arrives in New York, New York
10:00 AM President Biden departs John F. Kennedy International Airport
10:15 AM President Biden arrives at Wall Street Landing Zone
11:00 AM  President Biden attends a private memorial service for Ambassador Donald Blinken, Father of Secretary of State Antony Blinken
2:40 PM  President Biden arrives at the White House

4:30 PM President Biden responds to reports over recent days of major oil companies making record-setting profits even as they refuse to help lower prices at the pump for the American people           
5:15 PM President Biden hosts local children of firefighters, nurses, police officers, and members of the National Guard at the White House for trick-or-treating


It’s Time For Johnson To Be Held Accountable For His Actions

Boris Johnson’s political future hangs in the balance as he faces questioning from MPs over his alleged involvement in lockdown parties, also known as “partygate.” While he admits to misleading parliament, he insists that it was not intentional or reckless. However, his character and credibility are now on trial, with his defense team presenting four…

President Biden’s schedule for March 22, 2023 revealed!

9:00 AM President Biden receives the President’s Daily Briefing 5:00 PM President Biden and the First Lady host a reception celebrating Women’s History Month Briefing Schedule 3:00 PM Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre


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