President Biden is currently traveling in California.


10:00 AM        President Biden receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

1:00 PM          President Biden discusses his Administration’s commitment to seizing the opportunities and managing the risks of Artificial Intelligence

2:30 PM          President Biden departs San Francisco, California en route to Larkspur, California

3:10 PM          President Biden arrives in Larkspur, California

4:15 PM           President Biden participates in a campaign reception

5:35 PM          President Biden departs Larkspur, California en route to San Francisco, California 

5:50 PM          President Biden arrives in San Francisco, California

7:00 PM          President Biden participates in a campaign reception

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  1. He will be sitting at the AI meeting with a blank look ok his face as he’s hasn’t a darn clue what they’ll be talking about??? I can picture him now, sitting with his Mr. Magoo face, hand on his face, looking completely confused. He’ll need to be lead out of the meeting by hand so to not to get lost.. ???

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