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Biden addresses the current Hurricane Season and releases a plan for Trump to follow. Jasmine Razeghi examines Biden’s views published in the Miami Herald.

This past Sunday, Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden published an Op-Ed in the Miami Herald that addressed hurricane season preparedness amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In his Op-Ed, the former Vice President pointed out the severity of this hurricane season as the coronavirus contributed to both a public health and economic crisis. He acknowledged that in a normal circumstance, communities commonly affected by hurricane season make preparations for a disaster that happens annually. However, with ongoing protests, the coronavirus, and the economic crisis, these are not normal circumstances.

In addition to side events, this hurricane season could be more intense than usual according to experts. Biden slammed President Trump in his response to the coronavirus. “His COVID-19 response was too little, too late. We simply can’t afford a repeat this hurricane season,” Biden wrote. 

Biden specifically addressed Florida as he criticized the refusal of Trump and Republicans to increase local and state government funding. In addition to the 2.5 million unemployment claims by Floridians, there was a diversion of $155 million from funding for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) by Trump last year which was given to ICE. “Trump’s severe mismanagement of the government has left [FEMA] — already struggling to coordinate the COVID-19 response — understaffed and ill-prepared,” Biden wrote.

The former Vice President laid out a four-part plan for what he thinks Trump should immediately do to assist those who will feel the effects of this hurricane season and the coronavirus. 

Biden first noted that Trump must immediately request additional flexible funding from Congress in order for states to fill budget holes. “Enough with the games. Let’s get it done,” Biden was adamant.

Secondly, the presumed Democratic Presidential Nominee urged Trump to synchronize the hurricane and public health response as they are two issues that coincide with one another. He drew attention to those who may be at even greater risk of contracting the coronavirus before, during, and after a destructive storm. The former Vice President acknowledged the most vulnerable communities; “disasters often hit poor and marginalized communities the hardest, and we must not allow foreseeable threats to further deepen the existing inequities in our society,” Biden pointed out. 

With warnings from health officials of a potential second-wave of coronavirus, Biden pressed Trump to prepare a strategy that would address both the second-wave and the potential hurricane disaster. His suggestion included utilizing the Department of Defense and the National Guard in response to the public health crisis while also using the Defense Production Act and the Defense Logistics Agency. 

Lastly, Biden called on Trump to emphasize science in the White House in order to take on both climate change and the coronavirus. 

“The scale of the crisis before us was not inevitable. Inaction in the face of danger has been Trump’s choice. Voting this November is ours,” the Democratic Presidential Nominee concluded.

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