President Biden and the First Lady went for a mid-morning bike ride on the beach. After a madcap dash through the islands abutting Charleston and a brief run on the beach, pool was stationed on a beach on Kiawah Island.  

President Biden was wearing a blue shirt and khaki shorts and a Beau Biden foundation hat. His bike did not have toe clips. 

There were a smattering of people walking on the beach or playing in the gentle surf.  Some sat under blue umbrellas or in beach clothes  and eyed the assembled reporters, figuring something’s going on.  

Biden said “no” when asked if he’d talk to the press and added “gotta go get your bathing suits.”

When asked about his vacation, Biden said, “I’m enjoying it a great deal.”

The President said he’s “been on the phone a lot.”

President Biden did take selfies with beachgoers and had brief conversations out of earshot of the press. 

A half dozen people gathered near the pool and applauded President Biden and the First Lady as they rode by. 


Joe And Hunter Biden Spend Saturday Evening At The Church

President Biden is attending the Saturday evening service at Holy Spirit Catholic Church on Johns Island, South Carolina, not far from Kiawah. The church does not stream its Saturday services.  According to the church’s website, it was founded in 1939 and built with volunteer labor at a grand total cost of $714. The present, much larger brick…

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