POTUS Joe Biden ( Photo by Adam Schultz)

After the state of Georgia passed new legislation that restricts voting access, the White House speaks out against the laws.

On Thursday, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed sweeping legislation that restricts voting rights and access in Georgia. 

The new legislation will limit the use of ballot drop-boxes, intensify voter-ID laws for absentee ballots, and criminalize giving food and water to voters waiting in lines to vote. Voting groups have opposed the new laws for restricting voting, stating that the new restrictions will make more people less likely to vote, especially those in communities of color. 

President Biden is expected to release a statement on the new restrictive voting laws in Geogria later today. During the press conference, Jen Psaki said that the president is “worried” that the new laws will make it “more challenging, not easier to vote.”

“Like the late Congressman John Lewis said, there’s nothing more precious than the right to vote and speak up,” Psaki added. 

Psaki also said that Biden is watching the situation closely and working with members of congress in response to the state’s legislation, yet he is also working closely with outside groups as well. Specifically, the President met with voting rights activist Stacey Abrams in Georgia two weeks ago, which Pskai mentioned during the press conference. 

“[Biden] will also continue to encourage and engage with outside leaders and activists on steps they can take,” Psaki said. “Some of that is going to be more appropriate from outside of the White House.”

Already, three voting rights groups have sued the state of Georgia claiming that the new restrictions violate the Voting Rights Act and are a direct act of voter suppression. 

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