Press Secretary Jen Psaki answers questions from members of the press (Photo by Chandler West)

Gender policy co-chairs unveil the Biden Administration’s plan to address gender equality through an Executive Order. 

In Monday morning’s press briefing, Press Secretary Jen Psaki was joined by Gender Policy Co-Chairs Julissa Reynoso and Jenn Klein who came to speak about how President Biden plans to address gender equality in light of International Women’s Day today. 

The Gender Policy Council that Reynoso is co-heading will be focusing on uplifting the rights of older women and girls, and will target issues regarding discrimination, sexual harassment, and will work on increasing economic security and opportunity for women. 

The council plans to do this by “addressing the structural barriers to participation, decreasing wage and wealth gaps, and addressing the caregiving needs of American families,” said Reynoso. 

The Executive Order that is to be enacted would require the Gender Policy Council to submit a “government-wide strategy for advancing gender equity and equality in the United States” and would include recommendations on how to improve upon various policies, programs, and other budgets across the White House “all with a gender lens,” said Reynoso. 

There will also be a special focus on gender-based violence, which has been a “long priority” of President Biden as he authored the 1994 Violence Against Women Act. 

Along with this, there will be an emphasis on implementing policies to advance equity for Black, indigenous, Latina, and LGBTQ+ women through racial equity work headed by the Domestic Policy Council. They plan to work with partners outside of the government, such as nonprofits, community-based organizations, and tribal organizations.  

“We will be working urgently to ensure that both here in the United States and globally, gender identity does not predetermine opportunity and outcomes, and that all people, including women and girls, and those who face discrimination can thrive,” concluded Reynoso. 

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