Balkan Youth for Free Press Initiative aims to empower youth in the Western Balkans to be informed, active citizens. Youth Correspondents will be the creators of the news and ideas. We encourage you to express your social and political views in an open, civil and exploratory way. Apply today!

We are looking for Balkan Youth Correspondents among an outstanding high school, undergraduate and graduate students who can write in English on a wide range of topics that affect them most. 

We are looking for Balkan youth who will write about and critically analyze present-day social and political issues at both national and international levels.

With 43% of the entire world’s population under the age of 25, we recognize that youth are valuable members of our society and are integral to the development of our future. We want to allow the new, young generation of changemakers to develop and voice their ideas for informed, non-partisan analysis on the issues that affect them most.

This initiative will promote free expression, diversity, democratic values, participation, active citizenship and intercultural learning among outstanding high school, undergraduate and graduate students in the Western Balkans. 

Youth interested in US-Balkans relations, Serbia-US relations, Balkans relations with the EU, Serbian/Croatian/Montenegrian/Bosnian politics and social issues should to apply. Applican can be a resident in any country in the Western Balkans. 


  • Ability to engage in discussions over the controversial intellectual, and political issues in a civil and informed way.
  • Demonstrated leadership potential
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • A desire to exercise independent thought and analysis
  • An ability to perform under strict deadlines
  • An ability to read, analyze, and write in English
  • Interest in the future of the Balkans in the context of geopolitics, US-Balkans relations, diplomacy, economy and the media.

How to apply? We are accepting applications on the rolling basis.

Please submit your application to with the subject line: “Balkan Youth For Free Press” along with the following documents.

  • CV/resume
  • Cover letter explaining why do you want to become a Balkans Youth Correspondent of The Pavlovic Today
  • Your twitter handle (if you do not have it, create one and include it in your application)

Each applicant must submit TWO ESSAYS:

  • FIRST ESSAY: 500 words essay: An Open Letter to the President of your home country on behalf of your generation.
  • SECOND ESSAY: 500 words essay answering one of the following essay questions:
  1. What, if anything, is the biggest challenge for the betterment of the Balkans-US relations? How can this challenge be resolved?
  2. How can your home country improve economic, political and diplomatic relations with the US?
  3. What is the current state of the media in your country? What issues are under-reported?
  4. What can be done for the views of the youth in your home country to be better represented?
  5. What do the Balkan Youth want from their political leaders?
  6. In what way, if any, nationalism and patriotism manifest in your society?

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