LONDON—Home Secretary Suella Braverman expressed regret for her speeding offense while maintaining that no inappropriate actions took place following the issuance of a fine. Braverman faced persistent questioning in the House of Commons regarding allegations that she had requested civil servants to arrange a private speed awareness course, potentially violating the ministerial code, which outlines the expected conduct for ministers. Opposition parties have called for an investigation into whether she breached the rules. Both the Prime Minister and Braverman herself have consulted with the ethics advisor on the matter.

The incident in question occurred last year when Suella Braverman held the position of Attorney General and was caught speeding. While she was offered a group speed awareness course, she approached the civil service to arrange a private course, but they declined to assist her. After assuming the role of Home Secretary under Rishi Sunak, Braverman decided to accept three points on her license instead of attending any course.

Concerns have been raised about whether this decision aligns with the ministerial code, which requires ministers to prevent any conflicts or perceived conflicts between their public duties and personal interests. The accusation of breaching the code arises from Braverman’s involvement with the civil service in this personal matter. The Prime Minister is currently reviewing the situation.

Braverman acknowledged her speeding offense, saying, “Last summer, I was speeding. I regret that. I paid the fine and accepted the points. However, our focus now is on delivering for the British people and working on their behalf.”

The Prime Minister, in consultation with his ethics advisor, is considering the next steps regarding this matter but has not yet requested an investigation.

It is worth noting that this is not the first instance where Braverman has faced trouble. She previously had to resign as Home Secretary for using her personal email to send government business to backbenchers.


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