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REACH GENERATION Z AND MILLENNIALS provides an excellent opportunity and cost-effective way to get your message out and reach Gen Z and millennial demographics on a large scale. We offer advertisers a chance to reach Gen Z and Millenials in their formative years, a priceless return on investment.

Updated daily, is the #1 current affairs media brand bringing a quality of argument to Gen Z and Millenials, their first stop to catch up on breaking news, the White House, current affairs, opinion, original and informed insight and analysis, and more. By advertising at, you will have an opportunity to showcase your product, services, and brand identity to the most sought after demographics. 

Our digital advertising platform would love to help you promote products, services, new initiatives, and get noticed. We can help your business establish new relationships and create deep and meaningful connections with Gen Z and millennial opinion leaders and trendsetters. We are experts on Gen Z and Millenials and our digital audience is composed of college-educated youth, interested in socially responsible brands and companies. 


An online banner is the best option for advertisers seeking great exposure over a period of time, and that banner will appear both on desktop web pages and mobile web pages. Ads can be purchased individually or via special bundles.

Digital Ad UnitDimensionsColor Space
WEBSITE BANNER AD (leaderboard) 728 x 90 pixelsRGB
WEBSITE SIDE AD vertical300 x 600 pixels & more RGB
WEBSITE SIDE AD square300 x 250RGB
Interstitial600 x 500 pixelsRGB

WEBSITE BANNER AD ( Presented on top of all pages; an example for leaderboard: 728 x 90 px )    WEBSITE SIDE AD ( Presented on the side of all pages; some examples: 300 x 250 px; 300 x 600 px; 720 x 300 px )INTERSTITIAL AD ( appears between web pages; example: 600 x 500 px ) In addition to our standard digital ads and packages, custom package estimates are available upon request. The deadline for space reservation, payment, and all copy and art is three business days prior to the start date of the placement. Please fill in this form here

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The Pavlovic Today offers sponsored content as an advertising option. Our team will work with you to create premium content to convey your message and help position your brand for success. Through rigorous editing and superb storytelling, we deliver meaningful messages to our readers at the highest journalistic quality.

*All advertising is subject to The Pavlovic Today’s Policies and Terms of Agreement. The Pavlovic Today reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement for any reason and to regulate the typographical tone, design, and size of ads to comply with The Pavlovic Today’s format. We will refuse to publish advertisements that we judge to be potentially inflammatory, libelous, or offensive.