It’s the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, a holy day of obligation for Catholics and Joe Biden is at the Brandywine Church in Delaware. 

The pool began rolling to St Joeseph’s on the Brandywine church at 9:15 am and arrived at 9:18. 

Pool briefly spotted Biden enter the canary yellow chapel around 9:19 am. Biden, wearing a navy blue suit and a medical mask, walked with a slight limp. He is no longer wearing a boot, but is walking with a limp.

He waved at the pool before walking into the church’s forrest green double doors. The pool is now holding in a van outside. See Twitter for photos. 

Service estimated to be 45 minutes.


Biden exited the church at 9:38 am. He briefly acknowledged the pool. Motorcade dropped Biden back home at 9:45.

Later today, President-elect will receive the Presidential Daily Briefing, introduce his health team, and then meet virtually with civil rights groups. 

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