Author - Sayeh Yousefi

Sayeh YousefiSayeh Yousefi, is the Editor of Naked Opinion section of The Pavlovic Today. She is a Yale Young Global Scholar 2015, and passionate human rights advocate. Throughout her life, she've had the privilege of living in many different countries, including Iran, the UAE, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Exposure to such diversity at a young age helped shape her perspective, and allowed her to be more open-minded and considerate of all different cultures and viewpoints. Throughout her life, she has witnessed injustices, whether it be on the news or in person, that have fueled her passion to help improve conditions for victims of human rights violations. Sayeh hopes to be able to encourage youth to become more involved in global affairs and become more engaged in issues of human rights and social justice. Sayeh believes this can best be done through the digital world of writing.


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