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Trump’s VP Pic: Will He Choose U.S. Senator Susan Collins?

Trump's VP
For Trump’s VP pick, U.S. Senator Susan Collins may be a good choice

Ted Cruz is now officially out of the presidential race. Ted went Cruzin’ after it, but he couldn’t stop the Trump Train.  After a massive victory of Donald Trump tonight at Indiana GOP primary, our political analyst Richard Wagner discusses the possibility of Trump’s VP pick. Will he choose U.S. Senator Susan Collins ?


It’s official now. Ted Cruz is out!  He put up a hell of a fight. He had a well organized campaign. A year ago, I saw him as second banana to Rand Paul. But Paul got creamed early in the primaries.  Cruz at least gave Trump a run for his money.  

Kasich remains in the race, but it’s little more than a formality.  Slow and steady wins the race in fairy tales, but rarely in political races.  With everyone out except Trump and Kasich, it’s clear that Kasich will be the “nice guy who finishes last”.  A few weeks ago I predicted that he was staying in to gain just enough delegates to have bargaining power in a contested or brokered convention, perhaps enough for a VP slot.  He’ll have no bargaining power now, and Trump will easily earn the needed delegates for an outright win.  

Trump’s VP pic : How about Susan Collins?

So that leaves the Republican VP field wide open.  Conventional wisdom states that when an outside like Trump is nominated, he should choose an established insider to be running mate.  (Ex. Reagan/Bush 1980).  For one thing, it puts the establishment of the party at ease.  Also, the Vice President is “President of the Senate” and it’s good to have someone with experience to get bills through that sausage grinder that is Congress.  But Trump has defied every convention, and it has worked for him so far.  But maybe when he says he plans to become “more presidential”, he means he going to start being conventional for a change.  

First, for the record, I’m not officially endorsing Trump yet…not as long as Sanders is in the race.  But either way, for Trump’s VP pick, my fingers are crossed for Susan Collins.  She’s a longtime Maine Senator, a moderate, pro-choice Republican with an excellent record of opposing free trade deals and supporting American manufacturing.  On the big issues, she’s very compatible with Trump.  But she’s also very well spoken, level headed, respected across party lines, and she could help Trump win Maine and perhaps more of New England.  Her experience in the Senate would also be a great asset if Trump were to become President, as the Vice President is also “President of the Senate” and is important in negotiating bills through Congress.


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Richard Wagner

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