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Richard Wagner explains the perspective of Trump’s fellow travelers.Those who aren’t thrilled about Trump, but are willing to vote for him.

Richard Wagner explains the perspective of Trump’s fellow travelers.  Those who aren’t thrilled about Trump, but agree with him on some things and are willing to vote for him.

There are three kinds of Trump supporters: those who love Trump, those who reluctantly support him, and those who will support anybody who isn’t Hillary Clinton.  I’m in the second category, though I share the sentiments of the third.  (Well, I’d vote for Clinton over Lindsey Graham, but let’s stay serious.)

For us who would even vote for Trump, we know that Trump is rude, crude, and sometimes lewd.  We know his words are reckless.  We’re actually more rational than you think.  We know that Trump’s words are reckless, but we’d rather deal with reckless words, than reckless actions.  But it’s not just a very justified fear of a Clinton presidency.  For all of Trump’s faults, he does have genuine good qualities. 

Trump may not be consistent.  He may not always be clear and complete in his policy proposals.  But he’s at least in the right ball park.

So what do we want?

1. Good trade, for good American jobs!  Trump’s trade policies are spot on!  The experts can stick their heads in the sands of abstract economic theories all they like.  The truth is right in front of us who live in the real world.  We can see that it now takes a two income household working two unstable, part time jobs each just to have enough money to be broke!  And how do the “experts” respond?  These smart phones are pretty neat, aren’t they?  Neither we, nor Trump, are against trade. We just know that when you trade, you negotiate.  I don’t go into a car dealership and pay the sticker price.  I haggle.  And so should our government when making trade deals.

2. True racial justice!  No more race-bating!  We aren’t going to achieve racial justice by continuing to minoritize non-whites.  Being white doesn’t make me special.  It just makes me more prone to sunburn.  People are not a “minority” meaning “less than” because of the pigmentation in their skin.  The continued mistreatment of blacks especially, and other racial groups in this country needs to end.  Playing one race against another under pretense of “social justice” only adds fuel to the fire.  We need to bring people together, not divide them into “minority groups”.

3. No more policing the world!  Just protect America’s interest.  You see, it’s called the US military, not the International Police Force.  I’m sorry if there’s a dictator in Syria using chemical weapons that violate “international law”.  There’s also militia groups in the Congo kidnapping children and brainwashing them to be soldiers.  We can’t solve the world’s problems, and efforts to do so usually make a bad situation worse.  I know that Trump doesn’t have all the details, but at least he’s pointed in the right direction.  ISIS is our enemy.  Assad is not!  China is the emerging Superpower that we need to contain.  Russia is declining.  Clinton doesn’t get it.  Trump does.  We’d rather have a crude, incomplete plan to do the right thing, than a sophisticated plan to do the wrong thing. 

4. No more PC policing!  Not long ago I was discussing transgenderism.  I’m pretty sympathetic to trans persons.  Everything I said was about as progressive as you can get on this issue.  But I used the word “sex-change”!  So Offensive!  I was PCed pretty hard for that.  I was called “transphobic” and accused of perpetuating “negative stereotypes”.  In PC-speak, the correct term is “gender reassignment surgery”.  We’re sick of being told how to speak!  We don’t have a problem with being polite, and much of what Trump says definitely crosses a line.  However, We’re so sick of being told what we can and can’t say, We’re so sick of not being able to have an intelligent conversation anymore about controversial topics because we haven’t learned to traverse the spiderweb of political correctness without getting stuck, that we’ll even put up with Trump.

5. Government for the people!  We know that Trump is a demagogue.  We know that he’s a narcissist.  We also know that his ego depends heavily on having masses of people behind him.  The elites, on the other hand, have egos that depend on seeing themselves as above the people.  They love telling us lowly peasants how the experts have it all figured out.  Between the obscene amount of money in politics, the inability of government to pass laws that are popular, yet their remarkable ability to pass laws that screw us over; it’s becoming increasingly clear that they no longer represent us.  A Princeton study a few years ago demonstrated very clearly that America looks more like an oligarchy than a democracy.  (I guess the experts are still good for something.)  Whether Trump actually gives government back to the people, or just spends 4-8 years pissing off the permanent political class, it’s worth it.  

Those of us who will vote for #eventrump have no delusions about the man.  But we also have a healthy skepticism of the official narratives we’re given.  We can see that the media is biased.  We can see that the “qualified” aren’t necessarily qualified.  And we can see that the experts don’t know everything.

For many of us, it’s trade and job growth.  The “experts” tell us that “trade is good”, and that Trump’s “protectionist” policies will cause a recession.  Yet these same experts talk about the decline of the middle class.  These same experts tell us that we should learn to handle the hard times better.  Fareed Zakaria, for example, wrote a piece on how white Americans are hurting themselves. 

First off, as a white man, I am not offended that Zakaria would address this very legitimate problem we face, and I actually do agree with the points he made in that piece.  However, let the record show that while Zakaria claims that things are getting better, that trade has been so good for us, he also tells working class whites that we are having a hard time coping with the hard times, and racial minorities are better equipped since they are used to it.  So which is it? Are things better, and we just don’t see it?  Or are things worse, and we are having a hard time coping with it?

We #eventrumpers can plainly see that the experts don’t know everything.  Show us all the graphs and abstract economic theories you like.  We see what happens all around us. 

When the Hollywood elites, the media, and the intellectuals ridicule Trump, it just makes us like him more.  This is true of the base, and of Trump’s reluctant supporters.  Miley Cyrus, Lena Dunham, and Whoopi Goldberg (to name a few) say they’ll leave the country if Trump wins.  Is that supposed to be a threat?  OK, Whoopi Goldberg really is a good actress (at least I think so).  But the other two?  Canada, they’re all your’s! Trump represents some things we like (my 5 items above) and he also represents rebellion against the powers that be who are sucking the life out of this country.  I’ve never been so proud to reluctantly support a candidate in all my life!  Trump’s reluctant supporters are not bigots, nor are we moved by pure emotion.  We just know that at the very least, Trump will impede some very dangerous forces that threaten this country we love.  We’ll do whatever it takes to keep America great, even if that means voting for Trump.


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Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner is an Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Florida State College at Jacksonville. He conducts independent study on the American conservative movement and foreign policy. When he is not talking politics, Richard is an aspiring novelist, and culinary hobbyist. Richard holds MSc from London School of Economics in Political Science.


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