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Welcome to the Afterimage Review: an independent and creative political analysis of major global events. That, which makes us stay up late at night, scouring the news – in constant pursuit of the truth.

An afterimage is a type of an optical illusion in which an image continues to appear briefly despite that exposure to the actual image has ended. There are two major types of afterimages: positive and negative. In the same way, we are bombarded with media content that has a positive or negative impact on our lives. We are pelted with the news on major global TV networks on the repetitive basis, and yet, what do we actually do about the information we receive? We are experiencing desensitization by information over-stimuli. The more stimulated we get, the more passive we become. Out of comfort of our chairs, we are browsing or switching between the channels, accumulating information one after the other. We are over-processing. We are becoming comfortably numb, our engagement amounts to clicks, likes, and shares.

The first question behind Afterimage Review is as follows: what are the criteria to select what news is relevant? We plug into the mainstream media to pick up what we need to know. But the filtering someone has already done for us.

In the world of liberties, we have no say what goes on top of the media agenda. What gets the headlines? What is really worthy of thinking about? With so many choices, who has the last say in what order the news are consumed? What comes on top of our individual informational agendas?


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