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Bill Clinton Was a Bigger War Monger than Bush

Clinton actually launched several military strikes throughout his presidency, and a book could easily be written on his disastrous foreign policy that was largely swept under the rug by the media and liberal academics

Bill Clinton was a bigger war monger than Bush. Clinton actually launched several military strikes throughout his presidency, and a book could easily be written on his disastrous foreign policy that was largely swept under the rug by the media and liberal academics, says Richard Wagner. 

While I never supported the 2003 Iraq invasion, I remember being disgusted at the hypocrisy of the mainstream left, from Hollywood to aging hippie protestors.  So vitriolic were they against President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq, but where were they during the Clinton years?  Bill Clinton was a bigger war monger than Bush, as I’m about to show

Haiti’s sovereignty vs. Clinton’s Globalism

Being the global capitalist that he is, Clinton played his cards just right in Haiti.  The people of Haiti had elected a very left of center “liberation theologian”, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.  Aristide’s economic agenda was a direct threat to the international elites, and so Bush Sr. sat back while Haiti’s democracy was undermined by military coup led by General Raoul Cedras.  As Clinton came into office, he continued Bush’s agenda in Haiti, and refused to help Haitian refugees fleeing Cedras.  Later, however, Clinton restored Aristide on the condition that he continue the economic policy of the Cedras regime that Clinton had tacitly supported, in other words, an agenda more suitable to global investors than to the people of Haiti.  The global investors were content.  

I certainly can’t blame the bulk of Haiti’s problems on Bill Clinton, but he certainly capitalized on them.  Haiti is the first nation, historically, formed by former slaves who had won their independence.  Haiti has long struggled to find a way, with their meager resources, to develop an economy and nation on their terms.  Clinton, along with other outside meddlers, ensured that Haiti will continue to be a deeply impoverished nation of former slaves exploited by western neo-liberals.  

Clinton’s worse foreign policy decision that nobody noticed

I was a late teenager near the end of Clinton’s administration, and I was really getting into politics.  I’ll never forget Kosovo, and all the lies we were told.  I remember the Kosovo war about as vividly as anyone could without actually being there.  During that time I had just finished high school and was not yet enrolled in college.  I had lots of time on my hands, I was politically obsessed, and I was glued to CNN during the entire US/NATO invasion of Kosovo.  

First, I want you to note that Al Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden, was our enemy long before their successful attack on the World Trade Center on that infamous date – 9/11/01.  Al Qaeda had already attempted unsuccessfully to destroy the World Trade Center in 1993.  Clinton, rightly, was going after them and trying to catch bin Laden throughout the rest of his presidency.  Now, keep that in the back of your mind as I explain Kosovo.

Clinton’s involvement in Kosovo

A little north of Greece, there is the former Yugoslavia, and the larger Balkans region.  In the late 90s, what was left of Yugoslavia was led by the elected Serbian President Slobodan Milosovic.  The Serbs were the center of Yugoslavia, and struggled unsuccessfully to hold on to their fractured federation.  There were conflicts between many ethnic groups in this region, including the Serbs, the Croats, the Bosnians, and the Albanians.  The Croats and Bosnians were, by 1999, independent from the former Yugoslavia and had their own states.  I have no objection to self-determination for these people, for the record.  But Kosovo is another story.

Kosovo had always been a province of Serbia, sitting on its southern portion, bordering Albania.  But by the 1990s, the population had become majority Albanian.  The ethnic Albanians claimed that Kosovo belonged to them, and many formed a terrorist group called the “Kosovo Liberation Army”.  Even though the US has recognized the KLA as a terrorist organization, under Clinton, the US aided them.  The KLA had gained support from Al Qaeda.  

The truth about this starting coming out early in the Bush Administration.  The Wall Street Journal’s Marcia Christoff Kurop reported,

Bin Laden is said to have visited Albania in 1996 and 1997, according to the murder-trial testimony of an Algerian-born French national, Claude Kader, himself an Afghanistan-trained mujahideen fronting at the Albanian-Arab Islamic Bank. He recruited some Albanians to fight with the KLA in Kosovo..”

The Al Qaeda Connection

The KLA killed civilians.  They harvested human organs .  They destroyed churches and monasteries.  They raped nuns.  They were brutes!  

Under Milosovic, the Serbs responded in kind.  The Serbs sought to wipe out the KLA by any means necessary.  Many innocent Albanians were killed in the process.  Albanian women were raped by Serbian soldiers.  So, there were no saints in that conflict.  Still, I’d think it would be clear who, if anybody, we should have supported.  A sovereign nation with no history of hostility towards the US, or a terrorist organization connected to Al Qaeda?  Hmmm…

But we were instead told horror stories of “ethnic cleansing” by the Serbs.  We were told of all the innocent Albanians who were slaughtered, and these stories were exaggerated.  The Serbs admitted that when they’d attack the KLA in a village, they had no way of telling a KLA operative from an innocent villager, and had no choice by to fire on them all.

 If the KLA was firing at the Serbs from within the village, the Serbs had to either flee, or fire back.  It sucks, but that’s how things go in these situations.  Israel has had to do the same with Palestinians, but Clinton didn’t bomb Israel into submission.  The Jews weren’t compared to Nazis (perhaps because of the irony?).  But we were told that the Serbs were trying to wipe the Albanians out.  Serbs were compared to Nazis.  Never mind that during WWII, the Serbs bitterly resisted the Nazis while the Albanians teamed up with them.

Clinton, persuaded by Madeline Albright, and aided by a very bias media establishment, convinced the American people that a new kind of holocaust was happening.  Oh if only in the 1940s, we’d acted sooner to stop Hitler!

As a result, our brave men and women in the armed forces were told a series of half-truths and sent to fight against the Serbian Government, thereby benefiting Al Qaeda’s KLA ally, all while we were supposed to be going after Al Qaeda!  As you can see, G. W. Bush wasn’t the first president to get side tracked with moralistic nation-building instead of going after bin Laden.  Now, as we speak, many ethnic Albanians from the US/NATO formed state of “Kosovo” have gone to Syria to fight for ISIS.  So nice of them to return the favor to Mr. Clinton by helping Mrs. Clinton in her efforts to depose the Assad regime.

But Clinton’s disastrous policy in the Balkans

But Clinton’s disastrous policy in the Balkans not only crippled what could have been a valuable ally in the war on terrorism, but also angered another potential ally – Russia.  Now, instead of simply fighting alongside all civilized nations to destroy that radical fringe that terrorizes Muslims and Christians alike, our leaders speak of fighting ISIS with one side of their split tongue, while warning of Russia and Assad with the other side.

Clinton actually launched several military strikes throughout his presidency, and a book could easily be written on his disastrous foreign policy that was largely swept under the rug by the media and liberal academics.  Admittedly, some of his decisions were better than others.  He used cruise missiles to get Saddam Hussein to comply with UN weapons inspections, thereby keeping Hussein in check while avoiding the kind of full scale, destabilizing quagmire we’d later see under Bush.

Overall, Clinton’s foreign policy was a strange mix of liberal idealism and shrewd advancement of global capitalism.  Haiti and Serbia were both sovereign states that were targeted for refusing to open themselves up to the agenda of foreign investors, banksters, and internationalists.  None of this made America any more prosperous, and it certainly didn’t keep US safe.



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