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4 Things the Media Won’t Tell You About Trump

There is much about Donald Trump that could have broad appeal across the political spectrum, but the mainstream media would rather ignore this

There is much about Donald Trump that could have broad appeal across the political spectrum, but the mainstream media would rather ignore this, according to Richard Wagner

It wasn’t supposed to go this way, was it?  Sanders to the left.  Trump to the Right.  Brexiting the EU.  Putin sittin’ pretty.

A year ago, I was dreading the possibility of Bush v. Clinton in 2016, and crossing my fingers for a Rand Paul nomination. Trump? No way. Yet here we are.  I never expected Sanders to be the Dem. nominee, but I also didn’t expect him to put up as much of a fight as he did.  The coronation of Her Royal Clintonness (HRC) didn’t go as smoothly as planned.  

One thing we can be sure of in 2016 is that the establishment is genuinely scared.  Now that an anti-establishment candidate is within striking distance of the White House, it’s up to the media to make sure that doesn’t happen.  In the 90s, Trump wouldn’t have stood a chance.  But in the age of alternative media, the truth can at best be marginalized, but it cannot be silenced.  

Over the next few months, here are five things the mainstream media hopes you won’t learn about Donald Trump.  If I sound like a conspiracy theorist, consider this.  What I’m about to tell you is true, but how often do you actually hear about it on the news?

So here they are:

1. Trump has an excellent record on LGBT issues.  Heretic Caitlin Jenner has praised Trump for this on multiple occasions.  Trump may have the support of Christian social conservatives, but he’s hardly their ideal candidate.  Of course, Trump isn’t perfect for the LGBT advocates.  He usually supports leaving these issues to the states, so that earns him the ire of the militant left, and earns Jenner their ridicule and possible excommunication.

2. Trump is more favorable to campaign finance reform than Hillary Clinton.  The only reason Her Royal Clintonness wants to overturn Citizens United is because that very group – Citizens United – made a very revealing movie about her that she doesn’t want you to see

3. Trump is far less likely to get us into more Middle Eastern quagmires than HRC, as I discussed last week.  The media is happy to show you clips of Trump talking tough about carpet bombing ISIS and doing worse than water boarding.  All true.  But what they won’t tell you is that Trump’s targets are more focused and his plan is more decisive.  Rather than going after every dictator on every side of every conflict, Trump wants to go directly after ISIS.  We’ve been facing ISIS since 2011.  We know where they are.  We know how to stop them.  Yet HRC has supported doing just about everything except going after ISIS, such as the air strikes on Libya, removing Assad in Syria, and of course, let’s not forget Iraq in 2003.

4. Trump may be more progressive than HRC on health care!  In the past, Trump has actually expressed interest in single payer.  He admires the system in Canada, and Scotland.  He is, currently, the GOP nominee, and backed by much of the Tea Party.  So it isn’t politically expedient to support single payer (Hey, I never said Trump was a saint.)  But even now, he supports a multi option plan leading to a form a universal health care.  He used words like “market” to appease the Tea Party crowd.  But given his history, he likely favors something far more generous than “Obamacare”.

I’m not saying you can’t find an article or a clip here and there that mention these things, but they are barely mentioned by mainstream media, even though they deserve far more attention.  These four issues show a huge change in the direction of the Republican Party since the late 90s.  Instead, the mainstream media would like us to believe that Trump is simply a radical right winged Republican, playing off prejudices to advance himself.  Fortunately, the internet makes it very easy for alternative media sources to bring to light facts that the mainstream media would rather ignore.


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Richard Wagner

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