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4 Rebuttals to the Nazi Card on Trump

Trump supporters can easily gain an advantage by exploiting the desperate attacks comparing Trump to Hitler, according to Richard Wagner

Trump supporters can easily gain an advantage by exploiting the desperate attacks comparing Trump to Hitler, according to Richard Wagner

Copyright: David Litman Editorial Credit: David Litman /
Copyright: David Litman
Editorial Credit: David Litman /

The “Hitler card” is the last resort of the desperate in a political argument.  While the Clintonites arrogantly proclaim the inevitability of their candidate, deride the intelligence of Trump supporters, and claim the high ground on critical thinking; they show their deep down insecurities by comparing Trump to Hitler.  This actually comes from all across the spectrum; from dethroned neocon Republicans and their libertarianish allies, to rank in file Democrats who don’t notice how much they now have in common with the former.

Well, while the Clintonites and their racebated supporters are panicking that we’re going to end up in a Nazi regime if Trump is elected President of our constitutional Republic with not 1, not 2, but 3 branches of government; I’m going to try to inject some sanity.

1. Trump is pro-Israel.

Now if I’m not mistaken, the Nazis were fiercely anti-semetic.  Didn’t they murder over 6 million Jews?  At no point has Trump stated that any race of people are genetically superior to others, nor has he expressed any desire to create a master race.  There’s not denying the extent of Trump’s insensitivity to racial issues, but if only Hitler had been merely politically incorrect.  If only he’d said just some slanders against the Jews, and done nothing more.  Then he would have been like, well, nearly every other European in the mid 20th Century!

2. Laura Ingraham Heiled Trump?  

This is just one of many examples, of center left establishment media sources taking a cap of Laura Ingraham in a solute that looks like the Nazi “Heil”.  If you watch the whole clip, you’ll see that Ingraham held her hand out and waved to Trump and then the audience.  And yes, for about a half a second, it was in a position that looks like the “Heil”.  I’m reminded of the Seinfeld episode when Mr. Pitt looked far more like a Nazi than Laura Ingraham.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time that the establishment has attempted to give Trump “Heil”.  Several months ago, Trump had his supporters holding up their right hand swearing to turn out and vote, rather than staying home as many media sources predicted.  This one didn’t fly, because it wasn’t even close to a Nazi “Heil”.  They held up their right hand like they were taking an oath to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”.  I suppose sooner or later, with all the Trump speeches, with all the waves and gestures, they were bound to find 1 second that actually looks like a “Heil”.  I KNEW IT!  HE IS A NAZI!

3. It takes more than emotional populism to be a Nazi.

 Poor Thomas Sowell.  He really is a brilliant man, but he’s getting old, and his mind is slipping.  I’m serious, I’m not being condescending.  In his contribution to the National Review hit piece “Conservatives Against Trump”, Sowell spent two paragraphs comparing Trump to Hitler.  The only parallel seems to be that Trump is a crowd pleaser.  He then adds Barack Obama, and Argentina’s Juan Peron to the list.  (Another day, I may write about the similarities between Trump and Peron.  Sneak preview: Peron was actually pretty good!)  But history is filled with populist leaders who please the crowds.  They have varying degrees of success.  Few of them lead to genocide and attempts at world domination.  Sowell, thank you for your wonderful contributions to our political discourse over the years.  But it’s time to retire.

4. Hitler and Trump are polar opposites on the issue of deportation.

I readily admit, if any ethic group has a right to be collectively offended by Trump, it’s Mexicans.  But let’s compare this to Hitler’s treatment of the Jews.  Hitler wouldn’t let the Jews leave.  He locked them in concentration camps, and then proceeded to systematically exterminate them, like they were vermin.  This is quite possibly the darkest chapter in human history.  Trump proposes nothing of the sort.  He wants to deport ILLEGAL immigrants, and focuses heavily on those from Mexico.  Human history is filled with examples of one ethnic group moving in on another, and the host ethnic group then deporting the immigrants.  Trump doesn’t even want to do that.  He simply wants to deport ILLEGALS.  Even if he were trying to deport all immigrants from Mexico, it’s the exact opposite of Hitler’s policy of locking them up and not allowing them to leave.  Now what FDR did to the Japanese

Trump supporters shouldn’t let the left dominate the narrative here.  Not only should we refute these ridiculous claims, but we should just laugh at those making them.  They love to insult the intelligence of Trump supporters, so Trump supporters should take the example of their movement leader and counter punch.  Only an idiot would actually think Trump is anywhere close to Hitler!

We could also appeal to emotions.  How can you insult the memory of 6 million Jews murdered by comparing that to Donald Trump?!  

But overall, this is clearly a sign of weakness.  The thing about Trump is that he’s not supposed to win.  He wasn’t supposed to be nominated.  He shouldn’t have been anything more than a flavor of the week.  Yet here he is.  No matter what the official odds may say, we can’t be sure anymore.  Trump really could win.  And the establishments of both dominant parties are frightened.  As their fear causes them to take the intellectual low road, Trump supporters should take the advantage of the high ground…As Stefan Molyneux so often does.


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