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To The Readers Of The Pavlovic Today

The Pavlovic Today

The Pavlovic Today is a place where everyone brings their authentic self and has the confidence, faith and strength to let their inner voice be heard.

There are no words to match this moment of embarking on this wonderful journey with all of you. The journey of sharing the perspectives—of—the—world with an eclectic community of writers, readers and thinkers. When I started conducting my first interviews with great leaders of our times, I did them in order to strip down the walls of their public personas. I hoped to preserve the stories of the inspiring great individuals with whom I had a pleasure of spending some time in quality conversation. I have always dreamt of illuminating the world through the process of thoughtful storytelling and wanted to know who are the people behind the great ideas and works I love and admire. What their life’s journey has been like?

While I was growing up in a war-torn country of former Yugoslavia, I turned to writing with an aim to deepen my understanding of the social strife and of myself. I wondered, “wouldn’t it have been amazing to sit down with the great Martin Amis to discuss writing instead of watching my country fall apart?” And then, a few years after, on a hot summer afternoon in New York City, I had a pleasure of interviewing Martin Amis.

On my writer’s journey, I have interviewed Steve Forbes, Lars von Trier, Whit Stillman, Rade Serbedzija, Monica Bellucci, Tiffany Shlain, Donna Karan, Adam Brody, Adolfo Dominguez, Novak Djokovic, Tommy Hilfiger, Claudia Cardinale, President of Republic Srpska Milorad Dodik and members of the first democratic Serbian government. My interviews with movers and shakers, from writers to business entrepreneurs to heads of states, set out to to inspire readers and close the gap between dreams and reality.

I have founded The Pavlovic Today to make sure that everything you see here really matters to us. The Pavlovic Today is a media hub for a fragmented society where everyone brings their authentic self and has the confidence, faith and strength to let their inner voice be heard. I wanted to create a space in which everyone will be seen and heard and valued. And that is what everyone who is part of the Pavlovic Today community will be dedicated to writing about : perspectives—of—the—world that torment our minds and hearts.

In this postmodern time, our days are increasingly spent on reacting to what’s trending. We have all become obsessed with speed and reacting to the news of the world we share. This is irresponsible. We need voices who can reflect, who will digest content in a way that is meaningful and created with an intention to inform, educate and shed light to the greatest troubles of the world. The Voices of the Pavlovic Today want to be more, do more, and give more from this platform to the world.

Reporting as it is unfolding, is mirroring the trend of the reality show, but we don’t want to make editorial decisions solely based on what is trending. We are not impulsive media. Instant response is not necessarily the most informed response. While we provide the news, we also want to make sure that the perspective we are informing on matters, that we have taken some time to reflect. This is where we are held accountable. This is why we are deeply engaged and emotional.This is where we are confessional. We deeply care about what we write. We are not satisfied with easy answers.

The Pavlovic Today is a place where we are meeting to exchange the naked truth about what really matters to us. This is our calling, that is no longer the secret to our hearts. We don’t take excuses not to do our work.

Thank you for joining us in this incredible journey. It is an honor to share this space with you.

Ksenija Pavlovic
Founder and Editor-in-Chief