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About us

The Pavlovic Today is an independent voice not beholden to any corporate special interests nor is a part of any media network with a political agenda. We do not lean left or right. We stand straight at the center.

Our media platform strives to promote intellectual substance and the spirit of authentic storytelling. Through an uninhibited discussion, the Pavlovic Today seeks to create social cohesion and to promote cross-generational understanding and cooperation.

“Currently, journalism is polarized with either too much bias or not at all. The Pavlovic Today is a place where everyone brings their authentic self and has the confidence, faith and strength to let their voice be heard without ideological bias. ” Ksenija Pavlovic, Editor-in-Chief

Our journalistic integrity hinges not only on the normative standards of “good reportage.” We depend not only on this but something more. Our voice is defined by the unfiltered narratives we present around the world, born from dynamic and irreplaceable social contexts. We offer content that is both at once wide-ranging and incisive. The White House, geopolitics, culture, interviews with movers and shakers in both American society and the world at large.

Join us at The Pavlovic Today as we explore the questions that need asking, report the stories that need dissemination, and engage in the conversations that we need now, more than ever.

Thank you.