The Pavlovic Today is an American independent voice not beholden to any corporate special interests nor is a part of any media network with a political agenda founded by the Chief White House Correspondent Ksenija Pavlovic.

Currently, journalism is polarized with either too much partisan bias or not at all. The Pavlovic Today is an independent voice with no corporate affiliation. We have created a completely independent media space free of sponsors and political agendas. We stand straight in the center of the informed, high-quality information, independent thought and expert analysis – Ksenija Pavlovic , Founder of The Pavlovic Today-

Our extremely diverse team of experts have extensive knowledge and experience in the topics they cover. We never tell our journalists what to think or how to analyze. Writers and analysts at the Pavlovic Today have great freedom in their writing. The Pavlovic Today is not one single mind of a corporation but is inclusive of the wide array of independent voices who serve the public interest and the people’s right to be objectively informed.

Our journalistic integrity hinges not only on the normative standards of  “good reportage.” We depend not only on this but something more. Our voice is defined by the unfiltered narratives we present around the world, born from dynamic and irreplaceable social contexts. We offer content that is both at once wide-ranging and incisive. From the White House Press Corps, geopolitics, cultures, interviews with movers and shakers to the Festival de Cannes, the Pavlovic Today provides exclusive content and independent analysis.

Join us at The Pavlovic Today as we explore the questions that need asking, report the stories that need dissemination, and engage in the conversations that we need now, more than ever.

Thank you.

Contact: newsroom (at) thepavlovictoday.com


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